METOCHEM RT–10 (Room Temperature Blackening Chemical for Iron and Steel)


METOCHEM RT-10 is a new revolutionary development in cold black finishing. It will impart jet black conversion coating to steels, cast iron and other ferrous metals at room-temperature. METOCHEM RT-10 process is easy to do in-house. It is non-caustic, non-splattering, safe, energy saving, fast, dependable and convenient. It increases productivity and lowers labour costs. Finishing can be done anywhere without special equipment, ventilation, heating systems or any complicated control procedures. EQUIPMENT REQUIRED Acid Resistant tanks, containers, tumbling barrels, baskets, hooks and racks must be used with METOCHEM RT-10 and derusting tank.

Plastic or Rubber lined tanks and plastic-coated hooks and racks are suitable for both METOCHEM RT-10 and derusting tanks. Mild steel may be used for degreasing, rinsing & sealant tanks.

  • this hot oxidaztion process produces a smoothg , glossy , jet , black finish on ms , ferrous and its alloys. 
  • sealed with dw type rpo.
concentration  1:1
temperature 140 degree celsius
dip time 15030 mins

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