METOCHEM SAF LIQUID (Descaling solution for Solar Water Heating Systems)


Water contains various metallic salts in suspension. These metallic salts get accumulated inside pipelines, tubes, etc. in the form of scales over a period of time. These scales must be removed periodically in order to restore the efficiency of system, reduce heating time and attain the required temperature.

METOCHEM SAF LIQUID has been formulated mainly for descaling Solar Water Heating System. It is an inhibited acidic composition containing surface active agents and cleaning agents to effectively dissolve and remove all water scale deposits from Copper, Brass, M.S., S.S. and Aluminium tubes, Pipelines and Vessels. Descaling with METOCHEM SAF LIQUID is safe, simple and economical.


1. Descaling of Solar Plate Tubes alongwith Storage Tank by CIRCULATION METHOD:

a) Prepare a 10% solution of METOCHEM SAF LIQUID v/v (volume by volume) with water in a 50 to 100 litres capacity open top circulating tank (To prepare 100 litres of MSL solution – add 10 litres MSL to 90 litres water). Tank must be made of either Plastic, S.S. or FRP/PVC lined M.S. tank.

b) Connect the outlet of this open top circulating tank by a rubber/plastic hose to the inlet of a 1 or 2 HP S.S./Plastic pump. The outlet of pump should be connected by hose to the drain valve of solar plate. Connect the outlet of the storage tank by hose back to the circulating tank.

c) Start the pump and completely fill the system with MSL solution by circulating the same for 3-4 hours preferably at 45°C. d) Discard MSL solution and then completely flush the system with plenty of water by circulation till the pH of water reaches 6-7.

2. Descaling of Solar Plate Tubes only without Storage Tank by CIRCULATION Method:

a) Same as 1 (a) above.

b) Same as 1 (b) above – with storage tank disconnected. The return hose pipe to the circulating tank should be connected at union outlet.

c) Same as 1 (c) - without filling storage tank. d) Same as 1 (d). (P.T.O)


3. Descaling of Solar Plate Tubes and Storage Tank by SOAK METHOD:

a) Same as 1

(a) above.

b) Completely fill the system with MSL solution through union inlet and keep drain valve and storage tank outlet valve closed. (Keep air vent open to allow gases to escape).

c) Leave the MSL solution overnight for 12-16 hours at room temperature.

d) Open drain and outlet valve and discard the solution, then completely flush the system with plenty of water till water pH reaches 6-7.


4. Descaling of Solar Plate Tubes only, by SOAK METHOD:

a) Same as 1 (a) above.

b) Fill Solar Plate Tubes with MSL solution through union inlet. Disconnect union outlet with storage tank and leave it open. Close drain valve.

c) Same as 3 (c) above.

d) Open drain valve and discard MSL solution and then completely flush with water.


1) It is not advisable to use METOCHEM SAF LIQUID on tin or nickel metal surfaces.

2) Rubber or PVC gloves, Eye goggles and aprons should be worn while preparing solution or doing descaling.

3) If spilled on bare skin by accident, it should be washed off with plenty of water. PACKING:6 & 40 Kgs.


Non-Warranty: The information in this bulletin is based on our experience and tests which we believe to be reliable, but offer no guarantee and accept no responsibility for operations not under our direct control.

  • Metochem Saf Is A Descaling Solution For Solar Water Heating Solution. 
  • It Is Contaisurface Active Agents And Cleaning Agents To Effectively Dissolve And Remove All Water Scale Deposits From Copper , Brass, Ms , Ss & Aluminium Tubes, Pipe Lines & Vessels
  • Tds Will Be Provided For All Operations

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